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New Season: Bridgestone Special Open Trophy

This year the De Val twins will take part in a completely different championship, with a different car from what we are used to see from them. The two brothers will in fact join the Bridgestone Special Open Trophy ( with a Wolf GB08. They will have to drive on both sprint and endurance races and the championship also includes the particularly intense 24h of Zolder. An event we all are looking forward to.

This 21rd of March they went to Zolder to test the new car, offered by Wolf Racing Car Benelux, and to get to know the team that will support them through the whole season: Bas Koeten Racing.

The test went very well as the two driver managed to set a very fast laptime of 1’35″200, placing them as the fastest car on the track.

Nicola: “The car is extremely fast, faster than what I am used to drive. I was looking forward to try Zolder, as I am always been a fan of the 24h event, but that was a very busy day, trying to get to know the car, the track and the team, too. At the end all went extremely well and I am very satisfied.”

Stefano: “This was a good testing day. As Nicola said it has been an intense day but we managed to acheive many laps with a fast pace. We are looking to improve this result since this was our first test with the car and also because for this event the gearbox was actually too short to adeguately use the longest straight.”

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