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The TwinsTake Victory on Supecar Challenge at Zolder

Last Sunday on June 23rd the Twins took part on another CN Race in Belgium, specifically in the circuit of Zolder, under a very unsteady weather. The two joined, with Baskoeten Racing team, the Supercar Challenge in the new Superlight division. Many different cars joined the italian duo in this event. Overall we counted 16 cars from CN prototype, like the Wolf GB08, to the very fast Radical SR8 and the new Praga R1.

On a 50 minutes race the twins managed to succeed in the CN division, placing 2nd overall in race 2, in between the much more powerful Radical SR8. This, even though they received a drive-through penalty for mistakenly touching another lapped competitor that did not saw the blue flag, and having a puncture on the last few laps.

Nicola: “I am very chuffed with this results. I haven’t been driving for a while and I was worried I couldn’t keep up with the car. The Wolf GB08 is very performing, but it turned out to be very easy both to drive and to work with. I am so happy I have chosen this chassis!”

Stefano: “The race went well as we immediately managed to create a gap between us and the other CN competitors. We wanted to keep up with the SR8 but unfortunately a drive-through discouraged us from this acheivement. Maybe next time.”

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