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Again at Spa-Francorchamps for Racing Festival

On 29th September the twins went back to Spa-Francorchamps circuit to race at Racing Festival, event composed by two races of 90 minutes where also competitors from the SPEED EuroSeries took part.

fotografi spa 29set07

Even if the forecast was expecting a dry day, the rain came just 10 minutes before the start of race 1. Since one bad news is never enough, a small electrical cable took fire and therefore Nicola, that was starting the race, was forced to start from the pitline, therefore losing at least 40 seconds from the first car that spoiled their race.

Race 2 was a faultless race, but the twins had to stay standing still in the pit lane for 40 seconds more compared to the competitor of the SPEED EuroSeries because of different championship rules. Beating them was the target of this event, but this difference in the rules ruined the race against the faster european competitors.

Having said this, the twins are still very satisfied for this Spa event. During qualifying they managed to score a 2’23″768, only 0.096 seconds slower than the fastest CN, driven by the expert duo Schell/Leutwiler. With this result they are sure they can compete also in the european championship.

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