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End of Season 2013


At the end of this magnificent season 2013 we remain almost speachless.

It is incredible the amount of things and people you get to know and understand in the few days you spend with them. This year has been extraordinary for many reasons. Extraordinary were the many hours of travel to finally get to the track, because this year was done completely between Belgium and Holland. Extraordinary was the snow that we got in Spa-Francorchamps the first event we drove into, that we won. Extraordinary was the Eau-Rouge in full throttle, every – single – time (but not under the snow!). Extraordinary was the team, the Baskoeten family, that received us with a hot soup and a lot of wish to work hard and do good. Extraordinary was our team mate Henk, that greeted us in Italian (!!), that was a pleasure to work with and to watch drive. Extraordinary was the car, the brilliant Wolf GB08 and our race engineer Alessandro, that together brought us many satisfactions being much better than anything else on the track, and that allowed us to fight (and in few occasions also to win!) with the ridiculously more powerful Radical. Extraordinary were all the photographers, Alessio, Karin, Marc and Oliver, that shared with us a lot of bad weather, but also a considerable amount of laughs and fun.

This year has been extraordinary, and now you know why.

Thank you all very much.

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  1. Grandi Ragazzi!

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