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Italian Newspaper “Il Gazzettino” Celebrates the Twins

This week the italian newspaper “Il Gazzettino” published an article related to the driving performance of the Twins in the new adventure in Portugal. The original article is available at, while here we present an english translation for our international audience.

They recently obtained a Master’s Degree in Automotive Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, but the De Val twins are still strong in motorsport: <We both got our degree in mechanical engineering, specialization in automotive engineering. Since January we started to work: I am an automotive engineer in a design studio in Frankfurt, working as a consultant for large car manifacturers – said Stefano De Val – my brother Nicola is a race engineer at Jas, official racing department of Honda, racing in the World Touring Car Championship>.

In the past few days the twins started their 2014 season: <I competed in the first event of the portoguese sport prototype championship, which takes place on the main portoguese and spanish circuits. I was alone this time because Nicola had professional obbligations with Honda. Given that over the years we have become pretty good, I managed to win both races of the weekend, gaining the lead of the championship>.

The new job is very satisfying, but the italian brothers would like to have luck with racing, too, so they are always looking for new sponsors: <In order to be able to practice this sport and to show our worth>. Despite the time demanding job workouts continue, the next race will be in the historic circuit of Vila Real on 21 and 22 June.

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