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2014 Gulf 12 Hours at Abu Dhabi – 4th Edition

The closing event of the 2014 Nicola & Stefano racing season is yet again the Gulf 12 hours, held at Yas Marina Circuit (Abu Dhabi) for its fourth edition.


Together with season team mate Pedro Faria, the twins entered the race with the Wolf GB08 #48 of CRM Motorsport. The last year experience allowed them to focus on the setup of the car for what it appeared to be a tough race, competing against british and italian official Wolf teams.


 Unfortunately the race, which started on Saturday 13th in the morning, started with an electrical issue that, on the third lap of the race, caused a fire in the engine bay forcing Stefano to immediately stop the car and wait to be towed back to the pit. Overall, saving the car from the fire and solving the problem caused a time loss of more than a hour, wasting since the beginning the chances to win the CN class.

Back on the track the pace of all three drivers was really good, and soon it was possible to take advantage of an engine issue on the car in third position, gaining place on the podium that will be kept until the end of the race. The pace was in fact so good that Nicola was able, during the first stint of the night, to set the fastest third sector of the race, despite the presence of the much faster GT cars.


 At around 20:30 the race of the Wolf #48 was definitively ended when team mate Pedro Faria hit the barriers after a spin under the hotel. The car was not severally damaged, but enough for the team to wait for the chequered flag in third position at the pit.

Despite the result, the 12 hours at Abu Dhabi is always the best way to end a season, particularly a season that saw the twins winning the championship!

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