Engineers. Drivers. Twins.

Motorsport Family Reunited in Temple of Speed

The last weekend of the 24 of May the twin reunited to both celebrate their 26th birthday and an awsome win in Monza!
They in fact managed to take time from the pressing duty of F1 and WTCC in order to litterally reunite with all the family for this special event, where the two brothers raced at the very early stages of their carrers.

xArticoloThe car was accurately prepared by the Avelon Team (which is also the official manufacturer of the Wolf GB08, in these days also competing at high levels in the ELMS) and therefore only minor adjustments on the rear wing angle were required to get a perfect feeling for the fast corners and incredibly fast straights of Monza.

The race started on Sunday at three o’clock and, just after having said hello to his colleague of the Honda TCR, Nicola jumped into his prototype to start the race. After a couple of laps battling with the other prototypes, he managed to find his way to leading the race, constantly increasing the gap with the competitors. After one hour and a half he passed the car to his brother Stefano, that managed to bring it to the end in first place in his class, even if with some elettrical issues.

Nicola: “Everybody was here for us on this weekend. It has been the best one overall. Celebrating my birthday with my brother, that I did not see for a long time due to his commitment to F1, and my whole family, with my girlfriends and with my colleagues from work, by winning the race was nothing more that I could ask for today.”

Stefano: “In Switzerland I am very busy, but thankfully I managed to get here at the very last minute. Since I missed the first race of the year I was afraid of not being very performing, but after one session and quickly going through the data acquisition (which is what we both do on a daily basis at work) I managed to be competitive. Bringing the car to the end was my final satisfaction. I had never been to the podium in Monza before.”


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