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Victory in the Night for Nicola at Misano

Last weekend Nicola with his team mate Guglielmo Belotti disputed the perfect race during the warm night of the  13th of June in Misano Adriatico. Unfortunately Stefano is utterly busy with his F1 tasks and therefore only Nicola was able to partecipate at this event that started on saturday night at 21:00 and ended under the stars at midnight.

ArticoloAfter minor setup adjustment during free practice, Nicola was able to qualify the car second overall just 0.160 seconds behind the Porsche 911 of his rivals. The race then started with Guglielmo
at the whell that was both wise  and consistent, keeping up a good pace and staying away from possible disasters. Nicola then took the wheel and raced the perfect race, with a very constant pace up until the very end, when he was able to overtake both his class rivals and the Porsche 911 just 10 minutes to the end of the race gaining first place overall!

Nicola: “It was incredible to be able to recover my opponents and to take victory just moments before the  chequered flag! Especially on a night like this. On top of this they have also celebrated the victory with  fireworks! I was gutted just not to have my twin brother with me, but I understand very much his commitments as  in fact I also have to travel with Honda from next Monday until the beginning of July…

Anyway this was a very good weekend for me, especially thinking that the next race will be the 24h of Zolder! It is good that I practiced night driving.”

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